Target Monitoring

MYXTRY (short for 'My Extra Eye') is a system designed by VisLab to detect moving targets within sensible areas. The system can be applied to a wide range of scenarios and it is highly customizable depending on the final customer needs.
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The system
MYXTRY detects objects moving in a predefined area by means of a single camera placed over the monitored area. Targets are classified and information about direction, speed, and size are stored in a database. The trajectories of all moving objects are recorded and graphically displayed in real time on a map. Other statistics, such as passage frequency and target speeds may either be represented in a map or graph, or provided for further analysis as raw data.
More than one MYXTRY installations can be connected together to monitor large areas; all installations are managed simultaneously by a single control center. Each system manages its own views (images, maps) and data (detected targets, statistics), which are merged and made available via a single web interface.
The camera is placed so that the whole area to be monitored is framed; high view points are preferred to avoid occlusions.
The data processing is done on a PC connected to the camera; the output can be managed via dedicated devices connected to the PC (such as a display to show the target speed) or with a web-based user interface.